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Individual extensions of forms, workflows and applications


The GBS Workflow Manager is a low-code platform and offers numerous options for extending the functionality and the layout of the applications, workflows and forms even without extensive programming knowledge. These options allow you to make customizations that meet the specific needs of your company.


Starting with version 3.3, you can change the layout using additional CSS code and the functionality using additional JavaScript code or via the newly integrated code library directly from the web browser user interface.

Customization of the layout

The layout can be adapted for a domain. Besides the name of the domain, you can also change the logo, which is always displayed in the top left corner of an application.

Furthermore, the application administrator can alter the styling using a custom CSS code. For example, a different color scheme can be selected. It is also possible to add smaller visual charts, that are integrated in a form via a text output control.

Functionality customizations with additional JavaScript libraries

In the web browser user interface, the system administrator can directly enter and edit JavaScript code, which is valid for the entire system and therefore for all included domains.

The user-defined JavaScript code can be entered and edited in the section Custom UI code in the system domain under Administration - Settings. There are two fields available - one for the UI event code and one for the UI code. The UI code field accepts any number of services. The UI code can be used in a form (for example, when a button is clicked). With the UI event code, existing events such as QueryOpen, PostOpen, QuerySave, PostSave can be expanded.

Functionality extension with Java-classes

Under Design - Code library the application designer can define other user-defined code as well. This code can be executed, for example, as part of an event in a workflow. Additionally, the corresponding user-defined code can be assigned to the desired workflow task in the Workflow Designer. The options for defining the code are either to enter the code in the integrated editor or to create the code in an external editor and paste it from the clipboard.

Last updated: 19.02.2021

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