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Deployment of GBS Workflow Manager in a Docker Infrastructure


The company has a container management infrastructure based on Docker technology. GBS Workflow Manager will be used in this infrastructure.


The GBS Workflow Manager is available as a Docker image. The corresponding version is available on Docker Hub at

The latest published version can be downloaded from Docker Hub using the pull command:

  • docker pull gbseuropagmbh/workflowmanager:latest

After that, a docker-compose.yml file can be created. This file contains the configuration of the required components. In addition to the GBS Workflow Manager server, a relational database (e.g. PostgreSQL) and a document-oriented database (MongoDB) are required. The exact structure of the docker-compose.yml file depends on the respective version of the GBS Workflow Manager and can be viewed on Docker Hub.

For the first implementation, it is necessary to create the relational database. This can be done via a separate text file "init.sql", which must be placed in the configured directory of the relational database under Docker. The structure of this file also depends on the version of the GBS Workflow Manager and can be viewed on Docker Hub as well.

After the files are created, the GBS Workflow Manager can be started using the Docker Compose command:

  • docker-compose up -d

It is recommended to add a project name to the Docker Compose command. By using the project name, the name of the volumes is independent of the current folder, making it easier to use the same volumes, regardless of the version of GBS Workflow Manager used. The project name can be specified with the -p option in the Docker Compose command:

  • docker-compose -p <project name> up -d

A second option for setting a specific project name is to use the COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME environment variable, which is configured in the environment variable file with the ".env" extension. For more information about the environment variable file see

Last updated: 19.02.2021

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