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iQ.Suite DLP

iQ.Suite DLP recognises anomalies in email communication >>

GBS Products

GBS Retirement Manager

A farewell without losses: GBS Retirement Manager >>

GBS Products

iQ.Suite Apps

Making the mobile workplace more efficient with iQ.Suite apps >>

GBS Products
iQ.Suite DLP recognises anomalies in email communication

iQ.Suite DLP recognises anomalies in email communication

More and more often, business critical data falls victim to data theft. According to a recent study by IBM, over 60% of data theft is perpetrated by insiders. Which calls for early recognition in order to prevent data loss. GBS’s centralised solution, iQ.Suite DLP, implements professional data leakage prevention (DLP). Sudden deviations from regular behaviour, which may indicate the transmission of confidential data in email communication, are discovered quickly.

Awarded recognition by analysts at the Experton Group in early 2016, the solution takes advantage of a series of innovative, protective mechanisms. Outbound email communication is analysed to identify business sensitive contents or suspicious behaviour. For example, the massive transmission of company data or the attempted distribution of customer lists in an attached Excel file are automatically blocked and released only after passing a 4-eyes principle review. And iQ.Suite DLP is 100% data protection compliant. more>>

GBS Retirement Manager

A farewell without losses: GBS Retirement Manager and Notes databases

You’d like to free up your IBM Domino infrastructure and save resources as well as expenses? Then the GBS Retirement Manager is the perfect solution! The GBS Retirement Manager is specialised in deactivating unused IBM Notes databanks, converting data into the popular PDF format. You profit from automated processes that simplify handling large numbers of documents or databanks.

We have released the new version of GBS Retirement Manager. The solution is now significantly easier to configure and offers two completely new features: Notes documents are not only converted to PDF, but are exported to a XML document with all metafiles as well. Obsolete and unused applications can be deactivated more quickly and easily, without relinquishing contents. Entire applications can also be directly imported into the GBS AppDesigner Cloud, facilitating uncomplicated access to these contents.

You’ll find the GBS Retirement Manager in our download area.

Our team will happily answer any questions you may have about the solution: sales@de.gbs.com

Making the mobile workplace more efficient with iQ.Suite Apps

Making the mobile workplace more efficient with iQ.Suite apps

Are you on the road often? Do you enjoy working with your smartphone or tablet? Then take a closer look at our iQ.Suite apps for Android and Apple iOS, which make it possible to use important functions while travelling without a PC:

The iQ.Suite Quarantine app offers maximum flexibility in quarantine management. Users of the iQ.Suite modules Watchdog and Wall can manage iQ.Suite Quarantine by app from mobile end devices. Send quarantined emails to your own mailbox or manage black and white lists. more >>

The iQ.Suite Clerk app enables mobile absence management. Out of office notifications can be activated from smartphones or tablets, without the need to be at your office workplace. The app gives you access to the most important iQ.Suite Clerk functions. more >>

iQ.Suite apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
If you don’t have a licence yet, contact us: sales@de.gbs.com.