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Already a tradition: New releases coming in autumn >>



BULPROS refutes 5 myths about Modern Workplace at the European SharePoint Conference >>

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iQ.Suite Clerk App available for Microsoft Exchange & Office 365 • New version of AppDesigner Domino >>

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GBS at European largest SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Conference >>

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Knowledge Base

Save time: iQ.Suite Monitor within a multi-server environment >>

GBS News
New autumn releases of iQ.Suite

Already a tradition: New releases coming in autumn

The upcoming autumn releases of iQ.Suite 17.1 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP/Office 365 and iQ.Suite 21.1 for IBM Domino/Verse will be available at the end of October and as always, will offer numerous improvements.

Here are the highlights for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP/Office 365:

iQ.Suite support for Exchange 2019

Extended archiving options with iQ.Suite Bridge

Ability to check saved emails with iQ.Suite Wall for GDPR-related content

Please note, that the multi-tenant edition will be available at the end of the year.

The most important changes for IBM Domino & Verse are:

iQ.Suite support for Domino 10

Incremental Domino database scan that allows you to continue processing later, starting from the same point, at which you stopped

Ability to easily review and distribute license files

The new releases will be available for download at the end of October.

5 myths about Modern Workplace

BULPROS refutes 5 myths about Modern Workplace at the European SharePoint Conference

At this year's ESPC from 26 to 29 November, BULPROS, as an innovative provider of IT services, solutions and products, will be showcasing new technology and know-how on current topics such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure at booth no. 61. Our IT experts also dispel the most widespread myths and mistakes about the Modern Workplace.

Myth #1 – The Modern Workspace applications will replace the people
No, because even the most sophisticated IT solution and the most cutting-edge technology cannot replace the excellent critical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity and judgment skills.

Myth #2 – The employees’ engagement depends only on the perks
No, because especially flexible working hours and mobile work make employees happy. Modern applications make this possible by empowering employees with seamless communication, multi-device experience and the possibility to work anytime, anywhere and from any device.

Myth #3 – You need internal know-how and software capabilities
No, because BULPROS can do the main work and introduce the modern workplace into your organization by offering end-to-end services. Starting with an initial application assessment, detailed analysis of the existing systems and recommendations for improvement.

Myth #4 – Creating a web platform for seamless customers’ and employees’ experience on all devices is only for big companies
No, because a modern, customized application isn’t too complex for most small and even mid-sized companies. Using innovative applications will help you to reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks, increase your employees’ productivity and eventually improve your overall company performance.

Myth #5 – Creating a secure and reliable modern workspace is too expensive
No, because tailor-made applications based on your specific requirements, will soon reduce operating costs, increase employee engagement and optimize business processes. more >>

GBS Products
iQ.Suite Clerk App

Mobile Absence Management: iQ.Suite Clerk App now also supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

GBS continues to expand its mobile app portfolio. The iQ.Suite Clerk App, which was available only for IBM Domino, now also supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Thus, users of all leading messaging platforms now have remote access to important absence functions from anywhere, even on the go.

Our working world is going through changes. For employees, it has already become a standard to be able to work independently of time and place. However, the mobile workplace rises up and falls down with the IT infrastructure. 

The new iQ.Suite Clerk App is now available as a native app for IOS and Android and is even easier for users to work with. more>>

AppDesigner 5 for Domino

The new version of AppDesigner Domino is available

GBS AppDesigner is the heart of a modern application landscape. With the help of intuitive design tools, you can create business applications and workflows, even without programming skills. The latest version of the workflow management solution GBS AppDesigner Domino 5.0 is released in September. more >>

The highlights include enhancing the simple application-specific customizations, the people selection dialog, and the printing features.

New: Extending the resources in General Settings allows much simpler application-specific adjustments.The following resources can be uploaded and activated:

  • a CSS template
  • a CSJS library and
  • a SSJS library

New: The people selection dialog has been upgraded:

  • When using the people selection dialog to select email addresses, it is now possible also to manually enter email addresses.
    This applies to all people selection fields that can be found in the process repository form design for this additional option. The email address has to be verified with the help of a preset email validation formula and then replaces or supplements the currently selected entries.
  • When selecting people from the Domino Directory, you can choose to sort by last name rather than by abbreviation. The corresponding option is available in General Settings under "Organizational resources selection" and can be used for selecting people only (but not for selecting people and groups).

New: Users are allowed to print selected documents from within views. For this purpose there is the new programmed action "Open page for printing", available in the design of views. more >>

ESPC 2018

European SharePoint Conference

The seventh edition of Europe’s leading SharePoint Conference (ESPC) will take place from 26th to 29th November 2018 in Copenhagen. ESPC is the largest SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure event in Europe for 2018, which gathers together not only developers, but also IT Professionals, business decision makers and end users. Over 2000 participants from more than 50 countries are expected to arrive in Copenhagen. more >>

GBS Knowledge Base

Save time by using iQ.Suite Monitor within a multi-server environment

Save time and effort! As an iQ.Suite administrator, you can now use the functions of iQ.Suite Monitor to view the quarantines, including their emails, via the management console within a multi-server environment. more >>