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PerSwaysion: Phishing attacks on top managers >>

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iQ.Suite Major Releases are available • New: GBS Workflow Manager 4.0 >>



Three ways for banks to heal stronger • Webinar: How to reshape the operations in banking with Next-gen Automation based on AI and RPA • Cyber-Hygiene in seven easy steps >>

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iQ.Suite - EXTMGR_ADDINS= te_hook no longer exists • Formatting content of a MIME mail can be scanned for text samples and blocked >>

GBS News
PerSwaysion: Phishing attacks on top managers

PerSwaysion: Phishing attacks on top managers

Nowadays, we are facing a new type of targeted phishing cyberattack called PerSwaysion. Like most of the regular phishing attacks, it aims to steal Microsoft Office 365 credentials. Fraudulent emails are sent to lure victims with a non-malicious PDF attachment containing “read now” link that leads to file hosted on Microsoft Sway, SharePoint or OneNote.

Those legitimate cloud-based content sharing services are intentionally chosen to avoid traffic detection by the IDS and other security systems. The attack mainly targets top level management representatives and by now more than 150 companies’ executives were hacked. more >>

GBS Products
iQ.Suite Major Releases are available

iQ.Suite Major Releases are available

As announced, the new versions of the e-mail management platform iQ.Suite 19.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP/365 and iQ.Suite 23.0 for HCL Domino were released in early June.

iQ.Suite 19.0 is now also available in the Azure Marketplace.

The iQ.Suite Update Manager 7.0 has also been released. In addition to better handling of error code, this version allows to write/record/enter access to the web server in access logs.

Version 4.13.0 of the SAVAPI SDK is now used to download the SAVAPI-patterns. When using the 'Avira Scan Engine' in iQ.Suite, the Update Manager should be updated to version 7.0 in connection with the Update Manager before the iQ.Suite update to the current versions.

The new versions of the e-mail management solution iQ.Suite are available in the download area at GBS.

GBS Workflow Manager

New: GBS Workflow Manager 4.0

The new major release GBS Workflow Manager 4.0 has been published. It contains some important innovations. 


There are improved functions for creating visual charts and dashboards for the application designer. This makes it easy to visualize statistical data.

In the administration area, a new page called Dashboard is available for application administrators. It displays statistic data of running workflows as charts.

Updating the databases from GBS Workflow Manager version 4.0 to higher versions will take place automatically in the future. No update scripts will be required. Updating to version 4.0, however, still needs to be done the usual manual way.

Forms and workflows can now be exported and imported from the Design views. Thus, the transfer into other applications and tenants is significantly easier.

Designer can now save JavaScript code for UI events in a code library per application. This allows programmatic reactions on events in forms of the application. Previously, such code could only be provided by administrators for the entire system.

The version is already available on our download page.  more >>

Bulpros News
Three ways for banks to heal stronger

Three ways for banks to heal stronger

How the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the future of digital banking? Crises have always been a catalyst for business innovation. History remembers prominent examples of successful companies being born in the hardest time of economic depression.  

The last global economic emergency, combined with exponential technological progress and the start-up mindset of the millennium generation, drove the development of the first purely digital players. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the trend by changing the attitude on the global market overnight.

We have identified three ways for banks to use this crisis as an opportunity 

  1. Rethink your offer model
  2. Provide for happy employees and thus happy customers
  3. Personalize the digital banking experience

This article explains some short- to medium-term strategies to meet growing customer needs while increasing operational efficiency on the way to new normal. more >>

Webinar: How to reshape the operations in banking with Next-gen Automation based on AI and RPA

Webinar: How to reshape the operations in banking with Next-gen Automation based on AI and RPA

Repeated manual tasks are still a burden for financial institutions and strain operational efficiency.

BULPROS and IBM would like to invite you to a deep dive into how these technologies will transform your industry in the next years and why you should have them in your key strategic priorities.

Find out:

what are the key levers impacting operational efficiency in financial services

what is IBM’s vision for digital business automation

see a demo showcase on how do RPA and AI work in practice to optimize your processes

more >>

Cyber-Hygiene in seven easy steps

Cyber-Hygiene in seven easy steps

Over the past few months, we have been waking up with the daily briefings on the major TV stations listening to the numbers behind the COVID-19 pandemic. The disease headlines have spread out all over the world. The newly implemented restrictions forced thousands of organizations and individuals to embrace new practices such as social distancing, hand washing and remote working. Nevertheless, while the world is focused on the health and economic threats posed by COVID-19, cybercriminals undoubtedly are capitalizing on this crisis.

Just like we are instructed to keep our hands clean, there are 7 basic actions you can take when working remotely to ensure your so-called cyber-hygienemore >>

GBS Knowledge Base

iQ.Suite – EXTMGR_ADDINS=te_hook no longer exists

EXTMGR_ADDINS is a program in Domino that responds to certain server events and takes actions depending on them. te_hook picks up the email from the mail transport and makes it available to iQ.Suite for processing. 

If the entry EXTMGR_ADDINS = te_hook no longer exists in the notes.ini after a restart of the Domino server, this was not caused by the iQ.Suite or the iQ.Suite update. more>>

Formatting content of a MIME mail can be scanned for text samples and blocked

Due to an Apple Mail vulnerability, it was necessary to find a way to scan formatting contents of a MIME mail for text patterns and then block them. 

Find out how this can be done with iQ.Suite here. more>>