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Office 365 services
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In recent years, Office 365 productivity tools have strengthened and expanded their position as one of the Microsoft Public Cloud lead offerings for individuals and businesses from all segments. The main benefits for your company are related to improved efficiency, increased productivity and business optimization. Office 365 offers solutions for all types of businesses providing you with a variety of secured communication and collaboration tools. We have built expertise in the full Office 365 stack and provides a wide range of service offerings. Our team will support your company throughout the whole process of installation, configuration, migration and implementation of Office 365 so that you can benefit from all the business opportunities it offers.

Your benefits
  • Experience in in end-to-end implementation of complex projects
  • Deep expertise in the whole Microsoft stack
  • Solutions tailored to your needs and goals
  • Commitment to the project’s success
  • Trainings executed by certified professionals

Best-in-class service

  • Set up and migration
    Our team will professionally perform the initial setup and will get your Office 365 environment ready for use. In order to identify the most appropriate tools for you to achieve your goals we will assess the current state of the business environment and its cloud readiness. Then we will evaluate your requirements and will proceed with the setup of a migration plan based on the product needs of your company. After that our experts will successfully perform the migration.

  • User Account and Group Management
    Depending on your business goals and needs we can provide you with various additional services related to creating, managing and authenticating users, ADFS, DirSync, etc.
  • Support for Exchange and SharePoint Online
    Our team will help your business benefit from all the Exchange Online tools. We can support you in the migration process, ongoing configuration, support and maintenance. With SharePoint Online service you can easily and securely share and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers. We can support you in the migration process, initial configuration, our branding set up and customizations and ongoing operations.

  • Support for Skype for Business and OneDrive
    We are your trusted partner if you need help with initial Skype for Business and OneDrive planning, installation, configuration of the services, planning and deployment of Enterprise Voice and ongoing support (including 24/7).

  • SharePoint trainings
    We can share with you all the knowledge you need to work effectively with SharePoint. Besides the SharePoint customized solutions, you will learn how to manage and benefit from all SharePoint features.

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