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iQ.Suite Central, secure email management

Put an end to cyber attacks! iQ.Suite is the key to more security and confidentiality for Microsoft Exchange and SMTP gateways. Thanks to a centralized set of regulations, it’s easy to manage inbound and outbound email communication reliably, without the need for individual workplace installations. Integrated, legally compliant archiving ensures that you’ll never lose an email again.

The highlights
  • Protection against Trojans, ransomware, phishing, viruses and spam
  • Improved data security with B2B and B2C encryption
  • Protection against data theft and know-how drain with intelligent DLP technology
  • Central management of email signatures
  • Legally compliant email archiving

Easy Move The intelligent way to move to the Microsoft world

Planning to move your email infrastructure from IBM Domino to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365? Help from our email experts is on its way. A tried and true procedure, tested in numerous real-life scenarios, makes migrating your iQ.Suite installation to the Microsoft world hassle free. The best part: A speedy return to familiar features and functions.

The highlights
  • Tested and successful method encompasses email server and iQ.Suite installation
  • Seamless migration of iQ.Suite from IBM Domino to Microsoft Exchange/Office 365
  • Transfer of iQ.Suite regulations and configuration
  • Test and documentation of the new installation