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iQ.Suite Central email management for your cloud mailboxes

Profit from iQ.Suite‘s advanced security technology as a user of Office 365. Starting with protection from Crypto-Trojans, preventing data loss and centralized encryption of emails right up to managing email signatures and legally compliant email archiving: Get the most out of Office 365 with iQ.Suite. The seamless connection enables centralized management of inbound, outbound and internal communication.

The highlights
  • Available in the cloud (MS Azure & Azure Marketplace) or for hybrid operation
  • Comprehensive, improved email security in Office 365
  • Protection against malware (Trojans, spam, viruses) and data theft
  • Centralized management of email signatures
  • Extended email encryption via S/Mime, PGP or PDF-based
  • Legally compliant email archiving for Office 365 mailboxes

GBS Workflow Manager Intuitive workflow management in Microsoft Office 365

You use Office 365 and would like to integrate your business processes in SharePoint websites? Then the GBS Workflow Manager is the perfect solution! The modern, user-friendly drag & drop interface makes creating workflows and forms child’s play. Automate business processes in SharePoint efficiently and lighten your daily work load with modern web applications.

The highlights
  • Seamlesss integration of workflows and applications with Office 365
  • Intuitive drag & drop tools simplify first steps for new users
  • Recognized standards, such as BPMN 2.0
  • Modern, future-proof add-in architecture
  • Simple to use on smartphones and tablets