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Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint

iQ.Suite Central email archiving and integration with business processes

Emails often document critical business agreements such as binding offers, contracts, invoices or complaints. This information can now be used in Microsoft SharePoint. The email management solution iQ.Suite lets you store email attachments and other important email data in SharePoint. Employees have improved central access to this data and information can be integrated in business processes as well.

The highlights
  • Forward email contents to business processes in SharePoint
  • Seamless integration of email and workflow management
  • Central storage of email attachments in SharePoint
  • Reduced network burden when sending large attachments
  • Completely automated processes

GBS Workflow Manager Modern workflow management in Microsoft SharePoint

You’d like to integrate and automate business processes in SharePoint? Then the GBS Workflow Manager is what you need. Modern workflow tools enable you to structure business processes and to integrate the resulting applications in SharePoint. From simple forms right on up to complex business logic, everything is possible.

The highlights
  • Seamless integration of workflows and applications in SharePoint
  • Intuitive drag & drop operation simplifies first steps for users
  • Recognized standards, such as BPMN 2.0
  • Modern, future-proof SharePoint add-in architecture
  • Supports cloud, on premise and hybrid operation
  • Mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android available