Press releases

GBS announces the new iQ.Suite aaS: Cloud flexibility and strong email security in one

In its more than 25 years of cyber security expertise, GBS can clearly count the email management solution iQ.Suite among its most successful solutions. Now the company announces it will expand its offering and provide iQ.Suite as a service Learn more >>

Now available for MS Teams: GBS releases new iQ.Suite 360 Threat Protection service

In 2020 GBS expanded its portfolio with the cloud solution iQ.Suite 360, which empowers companies to reliably secure their collaboration and communication platforms as well as their business advantage in many dimensions. Learn more >>

GBS's Cybersecurity portfolio recognized at 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Awards

The annual ISG Provider Lens™ awards ceremony took a virtual form this year to honor the top performing companies in different technology areas covered by the study. Learn more >>

ISG analysts rank GBS as leader in Data Leakage Prevention for the fourth time

For the fourth time in a row, GBS Europa GmbH confirms its leading position in the ISG Provider Lens study "Cyber Security Solutions & Services", which supports IT executives in making the best possible use of their IT security budgets. Learn more >>

GBS with a new modern office in the RaumFabrik in Karlsruhe

After 20 years, GBS Europa GmbH left its Karlsruhe office in Ottostrasse a few days ago and moved to its new office. Learn more >>

ISG Provider Lens Study 2019/2020: GBS with Data Leakage Prevention portfolio again positioned in leader quadrant

This year, GBS was once again named one of the leading security solutions and services providers on the data leakage prevention market in the ISG Provider Lens study "Cyber Security Solutions & Services 2019/2020". Learn more >>

A quarter century of Cyber Security: GBS celebrates its 25th anniversary

GBS Europa GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary on 29 March. During the last quarter century, the company has established itself as an expert in cyber security, email management and workflow management for the IBM and Microsoft collaboration platforms. Learn more >>

From IBM Notes to the Cloud: With the Notes Cloud Transformation Suite, GBS and BULPROS introduce an all-in-one migration solution

GBS and BULPROS have launched a comprehensive solution for mastering the migration of emails, data and applications into the cloud, called Notes Cloud Transformation Suite. Learn more >>

GBS releases major upgrade for GBS Retirement Manager and service update for GBS Workflow Manager

The collaboration experts at GBS are raising the bar: Shortly after the release of the major update for the email management solution iQ.Suite at the beginning of November, GBS now announces new versions of the Workflow Manager and the Retirement Manager. GBS Workflow Manager 2.5 and GBS Retirement Manager 3.0 are already available. Learn more >>