Preliminary results to be presented at CeBIT 2017: Study evaluates use of workflow management and business processes in Microsoft SharePoint

Karlsruhe, Germany

GROUP Business Software, Sharepoint360 and the Stuttgart Media University analyse the current state of digitalisation and business processes

GROUP Business Software (GBS),, (professional portal) and the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart) have combined forces for a joint project: A new study is shedding light on the use of workflow management in automating business processes in Microsoft SharePoint. The study is scheduled to be published in the second quarter of 2017. However, the initiators will present their first findings at the GBS booth at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.

A 2016 SharePoint user study regarding the use of Microsoft SharePoint has already revealed that over 60% of businesses in the D-A-CH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region use the platform to support their business processes. The study confirmed the broad acceptance surrounding the Microsoft platform; however, users are anything but satisfied with the existing workflow features: 88 percent of participants questioned replied that workflow features were either entirely insufficient or partly sufficient.

Consequentially, GROUP Business Software, Sharepoint360 and the Stuttgart Media University have come together to launch a further study: Currently, IT managers from 500 companies from diverse branches are being asked in detail about their use of workflow management and digital business processes in SharePoint.

“As a producer of workflow management software, naturally we are extremely interested in understanding the needs of customers and market developments. This present study of workflows and business processes in SharePoint is the perfect starting point”, says Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing and Product Management at GBS.

Prof. Dr. Arno Hitzges from the Stuttgart Media University sees an ongoing transition with consequences for all market participants: “The digital transformation has become a growth motor for every branch of business. Automation of business processes is an essential part of every solid digital strategy. Our new study yields important insights into the status quo and pending developments.”

The study looks at various application areas for workflow management in businesses – from sales and order fulfilment to customer service, for example. Also being analysed: The extent to which the topic of workflow management has reached German companies in operative business. The issue of whether SharePoint maintenance is carried out by company personnel or external service providers comes under scrutiny and the question is posed which workflow engine is in use. Are the features in SharePoint’s integrated workflow technology satisfactory or do additional products from third-party companies come into play? Potential hindrances to introducing workflow management, for example related to cost or usability, are also examined in the study.

“In many companies, Microsoft SharePoint is now the leading instrument in the field of collaboration. The supplier market has become very diverse. However, the same applies to user’s needs. With our study, we intend to increase transparency and heighten understanding for the importance of automating business processes at the same time”, says Wolfgang Miedl, operator of

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