Identify cyber attacks sooner: GBS introduces sandbox technology for the email management solution iQ.Suite at CeBIT

Karlsruhe, Germany

GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH (GBS) lets CeBIT visitors preview the highlights of the new version of iQ.Suite, the platform independent email management solution. At Stand A30, Hall 2, the focus is on security in digital communication.

The email experts have continued to push ahead, strengthening email security with newest technologies and their innovative cloud-based sandbox technology will be a highlight at CeBIT 2017. Both ransomware and advanced persistent threats (APTs) can be blocked quickly and reliably using sandbox technology.

“Over the past year, the multitude of Trojan attacks has made it blatantly apparent that dependable data security is crucial in digital communication. In our eyes, integrating a comprehensive security concept is essential to successful data protection, no matter what platform is used –whether it’s Microsoft Exchange, Office365,  IBM Domino or IBM Verse”, says Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS.

One solution, reflecting the more than twenty years of accumulated security expertise at GBS, is the state-of-the-art sandbox technology now used in iQ.Suite Watchdog. The new security solution will be presented at CeBIT for the first time and upvalues the malware module with its multi-level virus protection: “Suspicious files are executed in closed, protected environments, so-called sandboxes. This way, file behaviour can be analysed under real-life conditions, without endangering active systems. Then, in iQ.Suite Watchdog, the results are applied to determine if a file should be considered a threat“, according Andreas Richter, who explains the innovative solution which is based on technology provided by GBS’s partner Sophos. The sandbox solution will be available not only for Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 but for IBM Domino as well and provides comprehensive protection for inbound email communication.

New features: iQ.Suite for IBM Domino/Verse

Last fall, iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP was the recipient of numerous new features; now iQ.Suite for IBM Domino/Verse is being upgraded as well. The new iQ.Suite Trailer preview feature will be presented, including an expanded rights and roles concept, enabling individual departments to edit signatures. In Richter’s words: “Domino users can now simulate email delivery to in-house colleagues or external recipients with the trailer module in iQ.Suite WebClient and check the final email before it is actually sent.” Also, the browser-based iQ.Suite Cockpit will debut at CeBIT. “With iQ.Suite Cockpit, IBM users can analyse email correspondence efficiently, for example with the top ten virus and quarantine statistics”, says Richter.

Visitors will also gain valuable insights into the new module iQ.Suite Connect2Workflow for IBM Domino. Email contents, recipient, sender, subject and time of delivery are forwarded to GBS AppDesigner, the workflow management solution, and automatically integrated in business processes. GBS will support IBM’s new messaging platform, IBM Verse On-Premises, as it becomes available. Users of iQ.Suite für IBM Domino/Verse will profit from the software’s security features with the new IBM platform as well.

Improvements for iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP & Office 365

In order to further improve the central overview of current iQ.Suite levels, iQ.Suite 16.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP will also receive a server-status dashboard. Users can check and monitor the status of all iQ.Suite installations at a glance, contributing significantly to operational safety, particularly in multi-server environments. Parallel to that, automated administration for iQ.Suite is being intensified by expanding the powershell function.

Additional features in iQ.Suite for Office 365 include improved linkage to the Azure Active Directory and Office 365, increased integration of iQ.Suite Trailer for email delivery and scanning of mailboxes for heightened security.

iQ.Suite 16.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and Office 365 as well as iQ.Suite 20.0 for IBM Domino/Verse will be available in early June 2017.

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