Cybersecurity and the risk of data theft: iQ.Suite DLP protects confidential contents in email communication

Karlsruhe, Germany

Employees and close associates can – intentionally or unintentionally – be a risk in preventing business data loss. This is the conclusion that the email experts at GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH (GBS) have reached and point to independent studies conducted by analysts at Verizon, IBM and Ponemon Institute.

According to Verizon’s 2015 Data Breach Investigations Report, 21% of all cybersecurity incidents registered in 2014 were the result of insider misuse. The analysts at the Ponemon Institutes noted a jump in unauthorized accessing of company data from 37% to 45% last year. IBM states that 60% of the perpetrators are individuals known and trusted by the organisation: Employees, advisors, and external service providers. Especially at risk are the health care, financial and industrial segments.

“Yes, the numbers are shocking but they’re not surprising. Unauthorized insider access is hard to detect and hard to prevent. Email is the major source of both intentional and accidental leaks because email is predestined for distributing information, literally at the touch of a button. And although most organisations have systems in place to prevent cyber attacks from the outside, many still neglect the need to carefully monitor their outbound correspondence”, according to Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS.

The increasing number of cybersecurity breaches in recent months and the associated loss of customer data makes it imperative to have a cybersecurity strategy that focuses on outbound communication. Not only should outgoing emails be encrypted but behavioural anomalies or suspicious activities must to be reliably detected as well. This is the only way to prevent leaks, insider activity and data security breaches effectively.

GBS’s iQ.Suite DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) solution was developed to address exactly this situation. Always in keeping with current data protection regulations, iQ.Suite conducts a precise, realtime evaluation of outbound emails, comparing realtime with normal user behaviour by iQ.Suite DLP. “Using text patterns or fingerprint technology, iQ.Suite DLP recognizes irregularities and blocks the intended distribution of confidential data such as credit card numbers or contract details. Additionally, the software reveals anomalies in email flow that may indicate data theft,” says Andreas Richter.

The recognition of behavioural anomalies relies on intelligent mechanisms that analyze deviations from standard email usage. Deviations can take the form of an abrupt increase in email volume or the sudden distribution of large amounts of data. The collected data and key figures are displayed clearly in a web-based dashboard. Authorized persons in the company define the appropriate procedure if suspicious contents are discovered. „It makes sense to automatically block distribution and place the email in quarantine. Then, a decision regarding release or continuation of blocking based on the 4-eyes principle can be made,” recommends Richter.

iQ.Suite DLP is recommended for companies who place a high priority on preventing data loss, especially those who handle sensitive customer or financial data or possess valuable technological know-how regarding product development or production techniques.

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