Safe and Easy: GBS Presents Easy-by-Design Email Security Novelties at CeBIT

Karlsruhe, Germany

iQ.Suite PDFCrypt and iQ.Suite DLP improve the confidentiality of email communication

As a market leader in IT security, GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) makes confidentiality and data protection in email communication the center of its showcase at this year’s CeBIT. At stand A30 in hall 2, visitors can look forward to experiencing two innovative solutions for email encryption and data leakage prevention: iQ.Suite PDFCrypt and iQ.Suite DLP.

IT security is gaining significance in the context of increasing digitalization. Hence, it is no surprise that it has become one of the most important topics of this year. According to a trend survey conducted by Bitkom, 81% of respondents even considered it the most important topic of 2015. TÜV TRUST IT suggests that the increase in cyber attacks on corporations, as well as stricter legal guidelines, will be a challenge faced by many companies in the next few months. GBS’ platform-independent email management solution, iQ.Suite for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, which Experton recently declared a Rising Star, responds to this heightened need for security in email communication.

With iQ.Suite Crypt Pro and iQ.Suite WebCrypt Pro, GBS has been providing companies with user-friendly email encryption solutions for B2B and B2C communication. CeBIT novelty iQ.Suite PDFCrypt completes the email encryption product portfolio. The new solution automatically converts text and attachments in outgoing emails into PDF and then sends the encrypted message. No decryption software is required on the part of the recipient, only a PDF password, which was sent separately in advance. This allows for an extremely quick rollout of iQ.Suite PDFCrypt. The combination of high security and simple operation is ideal for B2C communication, especially for banks, credit unions and insurance companies. “IT security remains a matter of strategy. We believe in developing easy-by-design products, in order to allow our customers to benefit from a high level of protection, as well as intuitive operation,” says Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS.

iQ.Suite DLP will also be introduced to the public for the first time, which reflects GBS’ focus on data leakage prevention. In the context of email security, it is no longer enough to only consider reliable spam and virus protection for incoming email. Outgoing emails must also be included in a comprehensive IT security approach. “More and more customers have this realization and rightfully demand protection for their sensitive data. Solutions and measures for the prevention of data theft are increasingly requested. For this reason, only providers who view email security in its entirety will be able to compete in the market,” argues Herbert Reder, GBS’ EVP Sales.

Thanks to employing the four-eyes principle for filtering suspicious or confidential contents, iQ.Suite DLP protects incoming emails from unwanted data leakage. Sending contents, such as client lists or credit card information, as well as certain file formats, can be checked and prevented. GBS has announced the expansion of iQ.Suite DLP by additional intelligent search mechanisms for the second half of the year.

With iQ.Suite’s anti-malware solution, iQ.Suite Watchdog, GBS also provides comprehensive sever-based protection against attacks on the email infrastructure of customers. The recent addition of the Kaspersky anti-virus engine into iQ.Suite Watchdog further heightened the solution’s security levels. Even better: the integration of anti-virus technology into Kaspersky Security Network.

GBS’ email safety experts will present their solutions live in hall 2. They look forward to answering your questions about data protection, compliance and the integration of cloud scenarios.

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