GBS integrates sandbox technology in iQ.Suite email management solution

Karlsruhe / Germany

Strong protection from email cyberattacks becomes imperative

The security experts at GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH proudly present the newest versions of iQ.Suite, their email management solution: iQ.Suite 16.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP & Office 365 as well as iQ.Suite 20.0 for IBM Domino/Verse, available now. The highlight of the new versions is powerful cloud-based sandbox technology, integrated in the anti-malware solution iQ.Suite Watchdog. Trojan attacks in email attachments are detected quickly and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are blocked reliably.

The timing couldn’t be better. Ransomware cyberattacks are on the rise. Only a few days ago, hackers demonstrated -with painful success- just how dangerous security leaks can be.  One weekend was all it took to paralyse thousands of computer systems in nearly one hundred countries. WannaCry was spread via email, under the radar of most virus scanners, in a manner typical for ransomware. “Businesses are confronted with increasingly precise, intelligent and perfidious attacks today. Standard virus protection doesn’t do the job anymore, it only presents an initial hurdle for modern malware. Which is exactly why we are now providing our customers with intelligent sandbox technology in iQ.Suite”, says Herbert Reder, EVP Operations at GBS.

The new sandbox solution is cloud-based and uses dynamic behaviour analysis to pick up where the common pattern recognition of classic virus scanners leaves off when detecting innovative malware. “An anonymous copy of suspicious files is sent to the sandbox and executed in a secure cloud environment. Data protection guidelines allow the user to select which content is relayed to the cloud. If no threat is detected, email and attachment are delivered. However, if a threat is detected, email and attachment are blocked.”, says Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS, explaining the advanced technical features in simple words. File review takes only a few minutes in the cloud. During this time, the email is stopped and placed in the quarantine provided by the email management solution.

“In developing our sandbox technology, we concentrated not only on increased security and operational readiness but economic efficiency as well. Cloud availability means there is no need for customers to invest in cost-intensive hardware”, says Andreas Richter.

iQ.Suite now available for Microsoft Azure

With the significant overall increase in cloud usage, especially in the Office 365 environment, GBS has made iQ.Suite available in Microsoft Azure as well. The Azure Marketplace gives customers easy access to the solution and iQ.Suite can be used quickly in Microsoft Azure, also simplifying mailbox protection under Office 365. All functions offered in iQ.Suite, such as spam interception, legally compliant signature management, email encryption and security measures to block viruses, Trojans and phishing, are available to users as well.

Many additional features in iQ.Suite

With the update come many more innovations for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP & Office 365 and for IBM Domino/Verse. GBS has given iQ.Suite 16.0 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP a new server status dashboard, available in the WebClient. Users can review the status of their iQ.Suite installations at a glance, keep an eye on email processing and stay current with updates and other services, significantly improving operational security. The connection from iQ.Suite for Office 365 to the Azure Active Directory and Office 365 has been greatly improved as well.

iQ.Suite Trailer Preview is available immediately for IBM Domino/Verse and includes an expanded rights and roles concept for the editing and individualisation of email signatures by specific departments. Domino users can simulate emails addressed to internal or external recipients in the iQ.Suite WebClient using the trailer module. The cockpit for Domino users is available in the iQ.Suite WebClient as well, enabling visualisation of email statistics. The iQ.Suite Connect2Workflow solution is also new to IBM Domino. Email contents, recipient, sender, reference and/or time of receipt are sent to the workflow management solution GBS AppDesigner and automatically integrated in business processes.

The new versions of iQ.Suite are available immediately in the download area of the GBS website.

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