Security Vendor Benchmark: Experton Group Declares GBS a Rising Star in Email and Collaboration Security

Karlsruhe, Germany

GROUP Business AG (GBS) is a “Rising Star 2015” when it comes to email, messaging and collaboration. This is the conclusion of the “2015 Security Vendor Benchmark," which was recently published by the analysts of Experton Group.

For the first time, Experton Group evaluated security solutions of the most relevant providers in 13 categories using a standardized, multilevel method. GBS’ email management solution iQ.Suite, which is available for IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange, was positioned in the “Product Challenger” quadrant as a “Rising Star.” This positioning recognizes the solution’s future potential, as well as its strategic orientation. Experton Group’s analysts particularly highlighted GBS’ expertise in email security and the integration of collaboration platforms.

GBS is a Rising Star for Email-Security

In the context of a growing need for data protection, safe email communication and cross-company collaboration are increasingly gaining importance. Issues such as data leakage prevention and encryption are becoming a focal point. Customers demand solutions that provide comprehensive protection and reliable data processing. “It is important for us as software producers to cover all aspects of messaging and to promote the integration of cloud, mobile or social business management technologies into email management. Being recognized as a ‘Rising Star’ also reflects our contribution to this segment,” says Andreas Richter, GBS’ EVP Marketing & Product Management.

Experton Market Insight - Email and collaboration security
Quadrant for email / web / collaboration security, Experton Security Vendor Benchmark 2015 Germany

With iQ.Suite, GBS’ email experts pursue central email management that doesn’t require user interaction. Comprehensively secure processes combined with technological innovation, such as web-based encryption, have been central aspects of the product strategy. Recently, this has also included the connection with social business platforms, including IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint.

“We are very pleased by the excellent rating in Experton’s Security Vendor Benchmark. After being positioned in the ‘Leader’ quadrant of the Social Business Vendor Benchmark last December, receiving this recognition for the second time in a row further highlights our innovative power and the successful strategy behind our email and collaboration security,” concludes Constanze Zarth, GBS’ COO.

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