Improved protection against cyber attacks: GBS releases new version of email management solution iQ.Suite

Karlsruhe, Germany

GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH (GBS) has released new versions of their email management solution iQ.Suite. Both iQ.Suite 19.0 for IBM Domino/Verse and iQ.Suite 15 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP are available immediately and offer numerous innovations. In light of the significant increase in cyber attacks on email infrastructures, the main focus is on security: iQ.Suite now recognizes anomalies in email user behaviour, innovative anti-phishing technology blocks URLs in suspicious emails and protection against spam has been expanded with cloud-based detection technology. In addition, Azure-hosted iQ.Suite can take over the management of Office 365 mailboxes, processing inbound and outbound emails, as well as internal emails, making the full range of iQ.Suite solutions available to Office 365 customers.

The new version of iQ.Suite pays special attention to safeguarding outbound email communication to prevent data leakage in companies. The iQ.Suite DLP (Data Leakage Prevention) module includes intelligent analyzis of email user behaviour and recognition of anomalies. “iQ.Suite DLP now detects email behaviour that departs from the norm. While adhering to data protection guidelines, the software collects relevant information pertaining to subjects such as email volume and file attachments, evaluating the information in real time. IT administrators can take various actions in case of suspicious deviations to block the distribution of business critical data”, says Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS, of the new function. iQ.Suite DLP was awarded recognition as a Rising Star in the Experton Security Vendor Benchmark 2016 for innovative technology that enables precise control of email communication.

With the integration of Kaspersky’s new anti-phishing technology in the anti-malware module iQ.Suite Watchdog, security in email communication has been taken up a notch. “Phishing emails get more and more sophisticated every day, deceiving users with perfect wording and authentic appearances. Telling the difference between a phishing mail and real correspondence has become almost impossible. Which is why it was so important to us to incorporate effective protection in iQ.Suite and minimize the risk of having our customers be fooled”, according to Richter. The new anti-phishing technology enables identification of suspicious URLs in emails, which can then be blocked. Advanced cloud-based technology evaluates the reputation of web sites, thereby reliably recognizing malicious web links and stopping potentially damaging emails in time. The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) recently underscored the importance of improving phishing protection in their quarterly report: In the first quarter of 2016, the number of phishing web sites increazed by 250% compared to the end of 2015.

The email experts at GBS have expanded the spam protection in their email management solution as well: The anti-spam module iQ.Suite Wall now includes the Kaspersky Anti-Spam Engine. Optionally, cloud-based protection enables even faster recognition of new spam. Users profit from comprehensive recognition processes, including heuristic analyzis of headlines, text in file attachments or graphics.

The new versions also focus on role-based management of trailer contents by individual company departments. The iQ.Suite Trailer module, now integrated in WebClient, builds the foundation for this solution. Not only IT administrators, also selected staff members have access to browser-based management and can edit email signatures, simplifying the process of inserting graphics or marketing announcements.

The new versions of iQ.Suite for IBM Domino/Verse and iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP are available for download from the GBS website immediately.

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