The latest version of email management solution iQ.Suite combines web technology, cloud technology and social business.

Karlsruhe, Germany

The email experts at GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) have announced the availability of the latest version of their email management solution iQ.Suite for IBM and Microsoft platforms. iQ.Suite 13 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and iQ.Suite 17 for IBM Domino/Verse are now available for download.

“With the most recent release, we implemented a consistent integration of future-oriented innovations with respect to web technology, cloud technology and social business. This development is in accordance with the strategies of many companies. In terms of email communication, these aspects are also gaining significance, considering the increased use of modern collaboration systems and integration of mobile devices,” says Constanze Zarth, COO at GBS.

The new cross-platform-enabled iQ.Suite WebClient is a highlight because it makes spam protection a dynamic, user-friendly and mobile experience. It enables user access to the iQ.Suite spam quarantine from any web browser or mobile device. Emails can be put on a personal blacklist or whitelist. Alternatively, users can have emails delivered from quarantine.

Other focal points of the new iQ.Suite include the integration of email and business applications into modern social business systems and the protection of confidential data. Via iQ.Suite Connect, the software integrates social business and collaboration platforms. With Connect2SharePoint and Connect2Connections, two new solutions are available where email attachments can be automatically saved to IBM Connections or Microsoft SharePoint and are available at a central storage location. This way, email file attachments can be shared more easily among staff members, thus eliminating the usual email ping pong between colleagues.

iQ.Suite Watchdog FileSafe takes it one step further: the innovative security solution allows for the easy sending of confidential email attachments using highly secure, patented and certified cloud technology. “Data protection is gaining importance in companies. There is still a need for action, especially with respect to email communication. With our solution, we are filling a gap when it comes to maintaining the confidentiality of email attachments without the use of keys and certificates,” stresses Andreas Richter, Vice President Marketing at GBS. The novel solution automatically removes the file attachment from the email, replaces it with a link and provides the attachment for download via the highly secure cloud. As a result, the protection of email attachments is increased, while the strain on the email infrastructure is decreased.

In accordance with “email work-life balance”, iQ.Suite now also supports the controlled delivery of emails through Microsoft Exchange/SMTP. Thanks to highly sophisticated absence management and time-controlled rules, emails are automatically parked outside of work hours, for example, and not delivered to employees until the next business day. Additional improvements have been made for the administration of the email management solution. These particularly affect customers who operate multi-client capable environments. The new update manager allows for the implementation of virus and spam protection from a central location. They no longer have to be downloaded individually for each iQ.Suite server, but instead are downloaded centrally for all servers and are then automatically distributed. GBS has announced that future iQ.Suite updates will be managed in the same fashion.

For users who wish to use iQ.Suite in the future and test its new functions, GBS provides a 30-day second license for trial purposes, without requiring an exchange of the production server license.

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