Focus on PDF security: New version release for email management solution iQ.Suite

Karlsruhe, Germany

Email management solution receives improved PDF protection and expansion of SharePoint support

The GBS email experts have announced that the latest version of their email management solution iQ.Suite is now available for the leading email platforms. iQ.Suite 16.2 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP as well as Office 365 and iQ.Suite 20.2 for IBM Domino/Verse offers numerous updates. The focus is on PDF security.

Cyber attacks on corporate email infrastructures are on the rise. PDF files present a weak point that is often underestimated. Most people primarily think of manipulated Office files used by criminals to infect computers and networks with malware. However, PDF files may also contain executable code, for example, embedded via the comment function. PDFs prepared in this way are also sent as email attachments. The newly released iQ.Suite versions address these special threats and were equipped with corresponding safety features.

Especially iQ.Suite PDFCrypt, the GBS solution for intuitive email encryption, has been updated with several innovations: In order to make PDF attachments even safer, they can now be digitally signed before sending. In addition, already signed files can also be checked. Thanks to these features, subsequently added changes made in PDF files can be recognised and the integrity and authenticity can be checked. This significantly improves the handling of digitally signed documents, such as those used for incoming and outgoing invoices.

The update does not only allow for the automated conversion of emails into encrypted PDF files with iQ.Suite PDFCrypt, which are then delivered to the recipient. Existing PDF files will now also be encrypted before sending. The passwords required for this process can be centrally managed. Further, how PDF content is used can now also be managed. This allows you to prevent printing, copying or modifications of content, if desired.

At the same time, GBS’ anti-malware solution will also be updated: iQ.Suite Watchdog not only recognises viruses and Trojans in PDFs, web links on phishing sites, or damaging JavaScript code, but also removes them. After cleaning PDFs in this way, they are automatically sent to the recipient.

The GBS email experts have also improved their social business connection. iQ.Suite Connect has been available for some time now and makes possible the automatic storage of email attachments in the collaboration systems Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Connections, in order to share them with staff in a centralised storage location. The new version also supports storage in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online. This makes the sharing of email file attachments among staff significantly easier, since it eliminates the usual email ping pong between colleagues. In addition, it reduces the strain on the entire corporate infrastructure, because attachments are only saved on one platform.

The new versions of the email management solution iQ.Suite are now available in GBS’ download area. GBS’ Cloud customers have the additional option of obtaining the solution from Azure Marketplace.

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