ISG Provider Lens Study 2019/2020: GBS with Data Leakage Prevention portfolio again positioned in leader quadrant


This year, GBS was once again named one of the leading security solutions and services providers on the data leakage prevention market in the ISG Provider Lens study "Cyber Security Solutions & Services 2019/2020". The Cyber Security experts from Karlsruhe again convinced the jury with their highly attractive portfolio and their email management solution iQ.Suite DLP Advanced, which is available for Office 365, Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino Verse and were positioned in the leader quadrant in the new edition of the comparative study of providers in the security field.

The present study states: "GBS has expanded its range of services compared to the previous year and now also supports the cost-effective central administration of several clients". "This new Multi-Tenant Edition is the result of our development in the last year. Thanks to its new multi-tenant capability, iQ.Suite DLP Advanced enables corporations and their affiliated subsidiaries as well as companies with a large-scale distributed email infrastructure to centrally and cost-effectively manage their emails", informs Robert Becker, Marketing Manager at GBS Europa GmbH.

ISG Dataleakage Prevention

ISG describes iQ.Suite DLP Advanced as a sophisticated DLP solution that is able to identify sensitive information in emails and attachments and thus prevent them from being sent accidentally or intentionally. Robert Becker explains: "The protection of customer data and business-critical information is a real challenge for companies. While the incoming communication is usually well secured by spam and virus protection, the outgoing communication should not be neglected under any circumstances. After all, one can send an email with sensitive information to the wrong recipient by mistake in no time, not to mention corporate data that has been intentionally sent due to various reasons. GBS has therefore specialised in the control of information outflows".

The special feature of the GBS solution is the four-eyes principle review: All outgoing emails are analyzed in real time, suspicious emails are automatically identified by the software and their transmission is stopped. Afterwards these emails undergo a four-eyes review by a predefined person such as the respective supervisor or the company's data protection officer. After they have been checked, the emails are finally either released or blocked. Security Services & Solutions Leader Germany iQ.Suite DLP Advanced thereby also detects behavior anomalies in the email flow. "For this purpose, information such as the number and size of emails sent during a definite time period is collected and then compared with the current user behavior. This allows detecting a disproportionate increase in email volume or sending of large amounts of data, which could indicate the leakage of confidential data," adds Robert Becker.

In addition, the ISG study expressly praises GBS for the compliance with the legal requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that entered into force in May 2018: "GBS meets the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation by providing detailed notifications of security incidents for the timely reporting of data breaches.” In addition, the ISG analysts emphasize the fact that the solution can adapt quickly and flexibly to customer-specific requirements: "Using the granular functionalities and rules“

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