GBS releases major upgrade for GBS Retirement Manager and service update for GBS Workflow Manager

Karlsruhe, Germany

The collaboration experts at GBS are raising the bar: Shortly after the release of the major update for the email management solution iQ.Suite at the beginning of November, GBS now announces new versions of the Workflow Manager and the Retirement Manager. GBS Workflow Manager 2.5 and GBS Retirement Manager 3.0 are already available.

GBS Workflow Manager is the simple and intuitive solution for workflow management that allows you to easily shape and automate any business processes - platform-independently in Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office 365, IBM Connections, IBM Domino, or via web browser. The new version emphasizes the support of automated business processes through multiple tasks that are carried out simultaneously. “It is exactly the integration of parallel task processing that enables a significant efficiency increase in complex business processes. Thanks to the new improvements, GBS Workflow Manager now offers even more comprehensive support in mapping individual process requirements," explains Rolf Kremer, VP Research & Development Europe at GBS.

Nowadays, the international use of business processes across locations and regions is an essential factor for successful operations. The new version of the GBS Workflow Manager takes this into account by optimizing the multiple language support. The coverage in multiple languages can be of key importance for some employees. To achieve a better acceptance of the business processes, numerous further optimizations are required, as for example during the printing process of documents within the tasks.

In order to use GBS Workflow Manager in Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365, a smooth and automated implementation into the Microsoft collaboration platform was enabled through optimized user and authorization management. The administration of users and groups that have to be integrated into business processes now takes place exclusively in Microsoft SharePoint. Thanks to GBS Workflow Manager, an existing Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure can now be smoothly upgraded into a comprehensive Business Process Management.

Retirement Manager 3.0 with optimized installation process and simplified operation

GBS Retirement Manager makes it possible to deactivate unused IBM Domino applications without losing their contents and keep them available for future use by converting them into PDF and PDF /A files, and storing additional information in XML files. For the administrator, the new version 3.0 offers simpler and uncomplicated installation, control and monitoring of the conversion tasks via a new user interface, which can be managed via web browser. The use of the configuration application in the IBM Notes client is therefore no longer necessary. Furthermore, the new version now also supports the 10th version of the collaboration platform IBM Domino, Domino V 10. With the help of the available interfaces to Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office and GBS Workflow Manager, the content transformation from existing IBM Domino applications into Microsoft SharePoint files and document libraries can be carried out even more flexibly and efficiently.

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