Mobile absence management for everyone: iQ.Suite Clerk App now also supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365

Karlsruhe, Germany

GBS continues to expand its mobile apps portfolio. The iQ.Suite Clerk App, which was available only for IBM Domino, now also supports Microsoft Exchange and Office 365. Thus, users of all leading messaging platforms now have remote access to important absence functions from anywhere, even on the go.

"Our working world is going through changes. For employees, it has already become a standard to be able to work independently of time and place. However, the mobile workplace rises up and falls down with the IT infrastructure. It must enable flexible and mobile working in the first place. Even the best digital access options via mobile end devices are of no use, if the mobile access to business applications is denied", says Heiko Brenn, Principal Senior Product Manager at GBS. This also refers to a sustainable, productive email communication. It must go far beyond mere remote reading and writing of emails and ensure access to important functions, regardless of time and place.

With iQ.Suite Clerk App GBS has developed an application, which allows employees to remotely control their absence management. If an employee gets sick and therefore has no access to his PC in the office or goes on holiday, he can activate and deactivate his absence via smartphone or tablet. "Nobody should underestimate the business problems which may arise from unprocessed emails in the mailbox during planned or unplanned absences - especially when it comes to time-sensitive information, invoices or requests for quotations. Therefore, with iQ.Suite Clerk we have provided companies with a tool, with which they can introduce central absence management. It ensures that work processes do not falter," explains Heiko Brenn.

With the help of individual guidelines, employees can easily initiate certain predefined actions with just a few clicks. These could be defining the absence period, selecting the absence templates or automatic forwarding of the email to a representative. To ensure that emails, especially those containing sensitive or confidential information, are forwarded only to authorized persons, iQ.Suite Clerk automatically classifies incoming emails, thus enabling their precise identification and forwarding or redirecting them to certain colleagues. This content-based forwarding of emails can also be applied to different, authorized recipients.

From a hybrid to a native app

Beside the already introduced functions of iQ.Suite Clerk App for IBM Domino, Exchange and Office 365 users have access to new functionalities. The new iQ.Suite Clerk App is now available as a native app for iOS and Android and is even easier for users to work with. "By using Reactive Native, we could also improve the performance of the new app and thus achieve an optimal user experience," adds Heiko Brenn.

However, the development of the iQ.Suite Clerk App for all platforms is not the end of the story. For October GBS plans an Add-In for Outlook. iQ.Suite Clerk should then be available with the same functions as in the app for Outlook Web and Outlook Mobile.

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