GDPR support and incremental database scanning: New iQ.Suite updates from GBS

Karlsruhe, Germany

GBS has released updated versions of the email management solution iQ.Suite for IBM Notes and IBM Verse as well as for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and Office 365. The autumn release iQ.Suite 17.1 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and Office 365 supports the recently released Exchange 2019 and allows Microsoft users, among other things, to check saved emails for GDPR-related content. The highlight of the new version for IBM Domino/Verse 21.1 is the compatibility with Domino V10 and the optimization of the anti-malware module iQ.Suite Watchdog, which now enables incremental database scanning.

Extended archiving options and checking stored emails for GDPR-related content for Exchange and Office 365

The new iQ.Suite Clerk add-in for Outlook and Outlook for the Web is now available with iQ.Suite 17.1. It allows users to manage their absence settings directly in their email client and to create new absences. GBS also takes into consideration the new data protection regulations in the Microsoft world and extends the security function of the iQ.Suite module with spam detection: iQ.Suite Wall now detects unwanted content as well as personal data in emails that have already been stored in Exchange and Exchange Online. "This enables rule-based content analysis during both the real-time analysis, when sending and receiving new emails, and during the searching in the email history of individual mailboxes or entire mailbox stores," explains Heiko Brenn, Principal Senior Product Manager Collaboration Security at GBS. Thus, users can also identify and delete personal data that is contained in older emails such as credit card data for example.

In addition, GBS's email experts have also enhanced the iQ.Suite Bridge module, which provides automatic and legally compliant archiving of the entire inbound and outbound email communication in a central location. In order to store an email before it is delivered, it is now possible to write emails directly into central Outlook data files (.pst files). In this way, you can create weekly and monthly archives, for example. Furthermore, temporary storage in journaling mailboxes in Exchange is no longer necessary and this reduces the burden on the infrastructure.

Support for Domino V10, incremental Domino database scanning, and easy distribution of license files for IBM Notes & Verse

The new version iQ.Suite 21.1 supports IBM Domino V10 and provides even more features for Notes users. First and foremost, this is the optimized database scanning in the iQ.Suite Watchdog module, which protects the infrastructure from viruses, dangerous or unwanted file attachments and phishing mails. An incremental processing of Domino databases is now possible, after which already scanned objects and databases will not be processed repeatedly. "If the virus scan doesn’t manage to scan all the emails within 24-hours, the scanning process is usually aborted after these 24 hours and starts over again from the very beginning the next time you run the scan. With the release of 21.1, however, the scan status will be saved and the next scan will start exactly at the same point where the previous scan has stopped, "explains Heiko Brenn.

Moreover, the new version iQ.Suite 21.1 makes it possible to copy the iQ.Suite licenses into Notes databases and replicate them via servers. Thereby, the distribution of the license files is simplified by using the Domino replication mechanisms. Until now, license files were distributed to all Domino servers manually or by script. So, if you have many servers, you had to distribute the licenses manually on servers for each update. This process was too laborious and time-consuming," comments Brenn.

iQ.Suite Safe, the module for audit-proof email archiving, which enables quick search and recovery of archived data, has also received an additional function, which now makes it possible to create new safe databases on a quarterly basis. Since until now, creating new safe databases on a daily, weekly and monthly basis could not meet all customer requirements, the options have been extended. Users can now copy emails to an archive database on a quarterly basis too.

The new versions of the email management solution iQ.Suite are already available for download from the GBS website.

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