Focus on Cyber Security: Additional Protective Features for iQ.Suite Email Management Solution

Karlsruhe, Germany

New protective features enhance the strong position of the email management solution iQ.Suite made by GROUP Business Software Europa GmbH (GBS). The new versions, iQ.Suite 14.1 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP and iQ.Suite 18.1 for IBM Domino, are now available for download.

A remarkable highlight: iQ.Suite, as one of the first security solutions worldwide, already supports the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2016. Several other security innovations expand the scope of the solution even further: To effectively prevent data theft and/or leakage, iQ.Suite for Exchange now has an integrated data leakage prevention module, able to detect confidential data formats and contents in emails. Emails identified by this module are subjected to a central four eyes principle screening using iQ.Suite DLP and are then released or detained by a designated supervisor or data security officer for example. "Accidental or intentional leakage of confidential business data can not only be reliably prevented on the desktop: Our DLP module is also available for users of iQ.Suite WebClient and can therefore be used on all end devices, with any browser", emphasises Andreas Richter, EVP Marketing & Product Management at GBS, going on to add, "The integration of the four eyes principle is just the first step. Currently, GBS is developing even more advanced DLP technologies, to be introduced at the CeBIT 2016, which will make recognising and stopping data leakage simpler and more effective than ever before."

The range of functions covered by the innovative iQ.Suite PDFCrypt has grown as well. Originally presented at the CeBIT 2015, the solution for PDF-based email encryption was greeted with open arms by the email management segment. The new version makes it possible to embed emails, including all attachments, in a PDF file without encryption. GBS has quickly succeeded in fulfilling their customer's wishes to file or archive entire mails, without changing the format of attachments.

With the integration of the Avira Protection Cloud in iQ.Suite Watchdog, previous virus detection mechanisms have been complemented by further cloud-based protection. Users of iQ.Suite's anti-malware solution now profit from even more encompassing protection against attacks on their email infrastructure. "The quantity of threats from the internet is growing more and more rapidly, but the quality is more cunning, too. It's not enough to have a high rate of threat recognition anymore. Accelerated response is vital. Additional cloud-based virus detection by Avira shortens response times significantly," according to Andreas Richter.

GBS has also announced the upcoming availability of an innovative, improved iQ.Suite Quarantine app for Google Android and Apple iOS. Scheduled for November, enhanced usability and performance will make the app more intuitive when managing black and white lists and enable faster quarantine access.

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