GBS at CeBIT 2015: Application Scenarios to Accelerate Digital Transformation Take Center Stage

Frankfurt, Germany

Efficient deactivation of unused applications and effective meeting management

Digitalization is rapidly advancing. This development is driven by social business and collaboration, cloud and mobile computing, which can be combined with modern business applications. At CeBIT 2015, GROUP Business Software AG (GBS) will employ concrete scenarios to show how companies can accelerate their digital transformation. At stand A30 in hall 2, the collaboration experts will present Retirement Manager and Meeting Manager, two new ways of deploying GBS AppDesigner, a solution that recently received recognition from Experton. In 2015, the intuitive software for the development of modern web applications has once again been positioned in the “Leader” quadrant of Experton Group’s Social Business Vendor Benchmark.

This year, many CIOs will face the challenge of exchanging old IT platforms with new, agile, flexible versions that better support innovation and business processes. “This cannot be accomplished without a well-thought-out application strategy as the foundation of a sustainable IT infrastructure. Efficient retirement management, in our opinion, is a prerequisite for this kind of restructuring. We provide companies with an efficient solution, GBS Retirement Manager,” says Andreas Richter, GBS’ EVP Marketing & Product Management.

With Retirement Manager, companies are able to automate the swift deactivation of outdated business applications. This cuts license costs and frees up resources for other endeavors. It is also possible to automatically convert unused IBM Notes applications to PDF, a platform-independent format. “Clients can access application retirement for their companies on-premise, or from the cloud. Afterwards, GBS AppDesigner can be used to integrate the created PDF files into other platforms, such as Microsoft SharePoint or IBM Connections,” adds Richter. This way, the contents of deactivated applications will remain accessible.

Retirement Management is a part of GBS AppDesigner and aligned with a three-pronged application strategy that consists of deactivating unused, outdated applications, the development of new web applications and coupling applications with mobile devices and collaboration platforms, such as IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint.

With GBS Meeting Manager, the collaboration experts also introduce a web application that makes professional meeting management as easy as pie. The web application, which was developed with GBS AppDesigner, supports staff in all phases of a meeting through structured procedures and intuitive operation.

GBS Meeting Manager comes in as early on as during the planning phase: the web application centrally records and collects relevant topics. The agenda that results from the planning process can be automatically sent to all participants via email. During the actual meeting, tasks and corresponding deadlines can be assigned to staff next to each item on the agenda. Based on all entries, GBS Meeting Manager automatically creates meeting minutes, which are then sent to all participants. It is also possible to define an escalation process to meet the predetermined deadlines.

At stand A30 in hall 2, GBS’ collaboration experts will also introduce you to other application scenarios that can be implemented with GBS AppDesigner.

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