Experton Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015: GBS is Once Again in the Leader Quadrant

Frankfurt, Germany

GBS AppDesigner 3.0: release of iOS App further drives the extension of mobile usage; incorporation of web applications into Microsoft SharePoint

GROUP Business Software (GBS) has once again secured its position as “Social Business Leader,” thanks to the company’s multi-platform-enabled solution, GBS App Designer. With this intuitive solution to create modern web applications, GBS confirmed their leading role in the area of social transformation in Experton’s Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015.

Social Business Leader GBS at Expertons Benchmark-2015

In preparing their analysis, Experton Group, a renowned IT market research company, closely examined the social business solutions and services markets. More than 100 social business offers by relevant market participants from Germany, and for the first time Switzerland, were tested by the analysts, placing emphasis on platform independence, mobile enterprise integration and workflow support. “We are quite proud that GBS AppDesigner was selected for the second time. The application’s positioning in the “Leader Quadrant” highlights our professional expertise and is also proof of our effective strategy,” states Andreas Richter, Vice President Marketing for GBS.

The recognition was received right on time for the release of the new generation of GBS AppDesigner. The third version of this solution facilitates the integration of web applications created with AppDesigner into Microsoft SharePoint. GBS AppDesigner iOS App has also made mobile use more expansive and the new release will further improve user experience.

The Social Transformation Quadrant 2015
Quadrant für Social Transformation, Experton Social Business Vendor Benchmark 2015

The new release expands the possibilities for intuitive creation of web applications with workflow support and their use across a wide range of platforms and devices. Version 3 makes it possible to directly incorporate web applications that were created with AppDesigner into workspaces in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 without any additional development efforts. SharePoint users are no longer required to leave their environment. “Integration is achieved via a solution based on Microsoft’s App models for SharePoint and Office 365. Once centrally established by administrators, it is then available to everyone in the workspace; from there, the desired application can be selected in a matter of only a few seconds,” explains Bernd Hesse, GBS Product Manager Collaboration.

Without additional development, users are also able to access business applications via an app designed for Apple iOS devices and to actively contribute to work processes on the road. For example, requests can be submitted, edited or approved anytime and anywhere, in no time. “Thanks to a synchronization process, it is possible to work locally and temporarily without Internet access, for example, on airplanes,” adds Hesse.

Because a company’s corporate identity and a customized appearance is becoming increasingly important, the new version of GBS AppDesigner now supports additional interfaces for customer-specific form elements, JavaScript methods and style sheets for the creation of business applications for IBM Domino.

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