Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

The last decade has been very dynamic in terms of inventing and applying different technologies to help us better protect our data and businesses. It is becoming increasingly difficult for cyber criminals to attack our systems directly, and they have shifted their focus to the link in the chain where we have put least effort – the people. The human factor has reportedly become the biggest vulnerability in an organization and we need to find a way to mitigate this. Our most valuable asset – our employees, should know how to identify a threat and how to react to it. We believe that the only way to close this vulnerability is to improve our employees’ awareness and understanding of the most common cyber security threats. GBS has joined forces with G-Data in their mission to help organizations tackle this challenge. We provide our customers with a combination of methodology and technology that helps them reach out to people and educate them in an interactive, easy to understand and assess way. Some of the topics we include out-of-the-box are:

  • The new way of working - Work securely outside the office and in public places
  • Work securely outside the office and in public places - Creation and use of passwords
  • Phishing & malware - How can your employees detect malware and phishing attempts?
  • Information classification - How is information classified and why?
  • Working in the cloud - Social media and working in the cloud
  • Report information security incidents - Security incidents and access control
  • Social engineering - Know who you are dealing with
  • Mobile devices - Correct usage of smartphones and tablets in everyday work
  • Be careful with information - GDPR and privacy

The Highlights at a Glance

Knowing is not enough – understanding is what matters The best way to learn something is to really understand it. Knowledge alone tends to fade over time. Our courses are designed to help people understand the most important aspects of Information Security, and are adapted to the profiles of the people that view them. Persistence is the key to successA one-time course typically improves the understanding and awareness for a short period of time. Our persistent methodology suggests a more continuous approach with several revisions and assessments of the results and repetition of the training process until satisfactory results are achieved. Measurable Results We provide companies with great mechanisms to measure the results of the awareness and improvement of their employees in order to validate whether the trainings lead to understanding, or if the training program can be modified to be even more efficient.
Learn while having fun Scientists have proven that the easiest way to learn is when the process is enjoyable and interesting, rather than mandatory and boring. Our approach combines short and interesting video trainings with interactive and quick assessments, while also introducing real-life examples, scenarios and simulations to turn learning into an integral part of our daily routine Multilingual Our platform helps customers meet regulatory requirements and improve the resilience of employees to cyber attacks by offering the trainings in the six most used languages to reach as many people as possible in their native language – English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Dutch. Compliance Regulators have understood the importance of security awareness, and nowadays many standards and regulations are suggesting or enforcing that people should receive regularly trainings on this subject. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to serious penalties and reputation loss.

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