Running commands at operating system level

It is not only possible to run Lotus Notes formulas using iQ.Suite Actionjob (Mail and database jobs), as described in May 2011, but also to run commands at operating system level.

Messenger Service

The example described generates a “Messenger Service” message.

This can be useful, for example, if a notification type is desired or needed in addition to email notifications.

Step by Step
Creation of a batch file

Creation of a batch file
Create a file with the name “command.cmd” in the directory “C:\Lotus\Domino\iQSuite” (Directory and name may be selected randomly)

In the batch file, the operating system command “net send” is called up, allowing the user “Administrator” to receive the message “!! This is an alert!!” in the domain „KARCONSULT1“.

iQ.Suite Action Mail Job

Creation of an “iQ.Suite Action Mail Job“. In this example, the simple text rule has been selected to activate the action job.

Operations tab

Define the desired actions in the “Operations” tab

Execution mode is to be put on “System call“

System command contains path and file name of the program to be run

(In the example, batch file with “net send” command)

Returncodes on successful execution

Returncodes on successful execution: Here, the returncode of the running programme is entered, if successfully executed. (Please read the documentation of the programme you wish to run, if necessary).


If the email subject is “#net send#“

Messenger service

Then the “messenger service” message is created on the computer of the user “Administrator“.


Since you do not work directly in the operating system and Lotus Domino environment using “System call“, please think carefully about which programmes/system calls you wish to run.

Please read the operating system manual for the parameters of the “net send” command.

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