Please find detailed information about features and functions, as well as process maps, in the following whitepapers in PDF format.


  • iQ.Suite Encryption

    Internal and external encryption with iQ.Suite Exchange

  • PKI Fundamentals

    Public-Key Infrastructures and the Encryption Methods PGP and S/MIME

  • iQ.Suite Watchdog

    Intelligent server-based virus protection and file blocking

  • iQ.Suite Crypt for IBM Notes/Domino

    Efficient server-based email encryption

  • iQ.Suite Crypt Basics

    Central email encryption

  • iQ.Suite Bridge

    Legally compliant email archiving and compliance interface

  • Data Leakage Prevention

    Protection of Outbound Email Communication

  • iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP

    Comprehensive email management

  • iQ.Suite Trailer

    Automatic text integration and centrally managed personalised signatures

  • iQ.Suite Exchange

    Internal and external encryption with iQ.Suite Exchange

  • Cryptography Introduction

    Principles of cryptography and general encryption methods


    Innovative spam protection


  • GBS AppDesigner

    Intuitive web application design and modernisation of existing applications