Emails and business processes It’s the combination that matters

Businesses receive huge amounts of information by email – from general inquiries to orders to complaints. Unfortunately, the information doesn’t always reach the right person at the right time. The worst case? An important customer inquiry is delivered to the wrong inbox and left unattended. As a result important business processes can come to a standstill or information get lost. Now you can put an end to these communication breakdowns!

Thanks to the seamless integration of email and workflow management, it’s easy to integrate email contents in your business processes. No matter whether it’s a customer identification number in an email or an article description in a PDF file attachment.

Connect2Workflow - Complaint management

Use case: Complaint managementin just 3 steps

An example that demonstrates the benefits of integrating email and business processes: Complaint management. Just in three steps you can profit from previously unused information.

Complaint Management

1. Identify

With iQ.Suite – the central solution for email management – relevant emails are identified based on your defined parameters. Then, by means of intelligent recognition technologies, order numbers, machine data or customer data in emails can be recognised. Even information contained in email attachments is recognised reliably.

2. Extract

The next step is to extract the desired contents from the email. That includes the originally identified contents in the email text and attachments as well as additional meta information such as recipient, sender or subject reference line. The extracted data is automatically forwarded to the actual business process via Connect2Workflow.

3. Processing

In the GBS Workflow Manager – the intuitive solution for workflow management – the newly acquired information is used to start a business process in the web browser. A staff member can, for example, decide on the correct further processing of the complaint based on the customer number and machine data. At the same time, the sender receives an email with a status update.

The outcome

What’s the end result? An uninterrupted business process that provides the proper employees with all relevant information. And if you’re using Microsoft SharePoint, you’ll be able to integrate your business processes directly.

Your benefits
Use information from emails

Automate important business processes

Use information from emails

Use information from emails

Recognise and extract data reliably

Recognise and extract data reliably

Uninterrupted business processes

Uninterrupted business processes


Increase customer satisfaction with improved service quality

Integrate business processes with Microsoft SharePoint

Integrate business processes with Microsoft SharePoint

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