XPages migration

Several organizations running IBM Notes and Domino applications have been prompted to migrate their Notes-based applications to a web-based platform in order to meet evolving business needs and growing user expectations. Migration to a web-based platform also provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced dependencies on the Notes client
  • Access to applications via the web and mobile devices
  • Updated functionality to meet evolving business needs
  • Enhanced Web 2.0 user experience

Advantages of XPages over a non-Domino target platform (Microsoft, .Net, Java, Open Source etc.)

Organizations evaluating multiple target platforms should consider the following advantages of IBM XPages over other target platforms, including Microsoft, .NET, Java, Open Source, etc.:

  • Significantly lower migration and maintenance costs
  • Minimized risks of failed or suboptimal deployments
  • Protection of prior Notes application investments
  • Leveraging critical native Domino capabilities
  • No data migration

How can GBS' XPages migration services help?

GBS can help rapidly migrate your Notes client applications to XPages, completing migration projects at significantly lower cost and with fewer resources!

GBS leverages its breadth of experience from numerous customer engagements, proprietary tools (such as GBS Xcelerator) and depth of expertise to ensure successful migration.

GBS migration experts ensure that application migration projects are planned in great detail, based on customer-specific environments, needs and constraints via a detailed assessment of the environment and discovery of key business and IT priorities. This approach minimizes cost overruns, missed deadlines and interruption of business processes.

Critical activities include:

  • Identifying and documenting detailed use cases and business processes for each target application
  • Defining test plans to test and validate use cases and adherence to business processes
  • Setting up development and test environments with test data extracted from production applications
  • Defining XPages frameworks to centralize and align the user experience across all applications
  • Rapidly migrating applications leveraging GBS Xcelerator
  • Optimizing applications to meet current business needs
  • Testing using validated staging and testing environments

GBS' XPages migration process

XPages migration

Key benefits:

  • Minimal risk
  • Minimized effort
  • Significant cost savings
  • Rapid delivery
  • Scalable delivery model
  • Predictable outcomes
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