Streamlining Audit Processes

Audits play a pivotal role when evaluating performance achievements and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Whilst traditional paper-based audits are time-consuming, there is a trend towards electronic auditing solutions, reducing both time and costs and making information readily available and easier to find. Once the audit process is automated, the time required to plan, schedule and document an audit is dramatically reduced. Automated processes are more consistent and easier to manage and staff time is used more efficiently.

GBS FastAudits enables teams to complete audits and inspections electronically and more importantly off-line. We can help to revolutionise organisations audit processes, by combining the power of mobile technology with audit best practice methodology.

Using the integrated Action Tracker, gives teams a complete and real-time visibility on the lifecycle of any follow-on actions. Triggers and automated email notifications ensure everyone involved in the process becomes accountable and issues no longer go un-actioned.

GBS FastAudits guides through the key stages of any audit process:

  • Plan: Create and Manage audit schedules, set up standard checklist elements and allocate lead auditors
  • Do: Implement the plan and manage the audit process within FastAudits using predefined audit templates
  • Check: Measure the results, compare against targets and identify non compliances and opportunities for improvement
  • Act: Build a plan for the implementation of changes and improvements

No matter how you use it, GBS FastAudits will help to move towards a paperless, standardised and cost-effective audit process.

GBS FastAudits Features

  • Upload photos & video to support audit findings
  • Intuitive checklist builder
  • Standard checklist templates
  • Audit scoring matrix with traffic lighting
  • Integrated improvements and Action Tracker
  • Automated triggers and escalations
  • Dynamic management reporting on real-time data
  • Both on- and offline mobile capabilities
  • Multiple browser compatibility support for Android and iOS devices
  • Links to any electronic calendar for full audit scheduling
  • Links seamlessly to GBS FastWorks integrated Compliance Management Software Suite


  • Centralised audit data
  • Enhanced data security
  • Improved efficiency
  • Standardisation of the audit & inspection process across all team members
  • Quick and simple implementation with little or no IT “know-how”
  • Fast user adoption
  • Shorter auditing times and reduced costs
  • Built in real-time data reporting and drill-down interrogation capabilities
  • Produces an archive of activity, evolution and accountability
  • Integrated Action Tracker portal for immediate visibility on actions and improvements for work area etc.
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