Retirement Manager downloads

In this table you can select and download the desired version according to your mail server and operating system.

Please contact us by email at The license is free for customers with a valid maintenance or evaluation contract. To install an update, a new license file is required.

Retirement Manager

  • Retirement Manager Web Service 3.0.1

    Platform: Windows 64-Bit

    Size: 81.5 MiB

  • Retirement Manager Server 3.0.1

    Platform: Windows 64-Bit

    Size: 297.6 MiB

Retirement Manager Plus

Retirement Manager Plus for Domino

Retirement Manager Plus for Windows

Retirement Manager Plus OCR Add-On

SharePoint Integrator

  • SharePoint Integrator 1.2

    Platform: Windows

    Size: 3.8 MiB

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