GBS Workflow and Project Management downloads

The downloads are available in its latest versions for the IBM Domino platform.

You'll need a new license key for the use or evaluation of our software. Please contact our sales department prior to installation at +49 5251 3102-0 or by email to The license is free of charge for a limited evaluation period and as a part of an valid upgrade contract.

Workflow Management

  • GBS Workflow 12

    Platform: IBM Domino

    Size: 146.1 MiB

Project Management

  • GBS Project Management 11

    Platform: IBM Domino

    Size: 199.3 MiB

Knowledge Mgmt.

  • GBS KnowledgeGateway 11

    Platform: IBM Domino

    Size: 45.8 MiB


  • GBS NSF Tools 10.1

    Platform: IBM Domino

    Size: 5.0 MiB

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