iQ.Suite Apps & WebClient - access iQ.Suite anytime

What would it be like to be able to access the most important functions of iQ.Suite, anywhere, anytime? Our apps and the innovative iQ.Suite WebClient can make this wish come true. And suddenly, a whole new realm of possibilities opens up: Via smartphone, tablet, or web browser from any mobile device. 

iQ.Suite Quarantine App

iQ.Suite Quarantine

Mobile quarantine management

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iQ.Suite Clerk App

iQ.Suite Clerk

Mobile absence management

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iQ.Suite WebClient


Flexible email management

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WebClient and the apps have been developed using state of the art Web 2.0 and mobile technologies, enabling operation across platforms and devices, allowing users to access their quarantine- or absence management via mobile phones, for example. Up to now, only desktop PCs have had this capability. The innovative iQ.Suite WebClient simplifies daily work processes not only for end users but for administrators, too. Try it and find out for yourself!