Flexible automated content changes

SmartChanger is a comprehensive infrastructure solution for automated content changes in different databases on different servers. With this comprehensive infrastructure solution, all required changes are a breeze. SmartChanger changes the “smart” way.


Fields, groups and ACLs of databases need to be changed quickly and flexibly. Many tasks are required again and again and can only be done with great effort.


SmartChanger not only changes fields, groups or ACLs, but changes in IBM Sametime are also performed with the press of a button. In particular, the following is possible:

  • Automatic replacement of names and values
  • Edit or add full name, name of parts, OUs
  • Perform changes in ALL documents
  • Perform changes in certain documents by filters
  • Add Roles in the ACL
  • Change or delete entries in the ACL
  • Automatic updating of IBM Sametime buddy lists
  • Consolidation or cleanup of all IBM Sametime buddy lists

Your benefits

  • Re-certification or mergers are made easy
  • Consistent and reliable, picks up where AdminP fails
  • Logs all changes and provides ability to back out of previous changes for increased flexibility
  • Can run as a service, making sure that all changes are automatically updated in all databases, on all servers and in all Sametime buddy lists

Together with panagenda MarvelClient, SmartChanger perfectly addresses migration, consolidation and re-certification projects.

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