Cooperteam Desktop Manager – manage & control your Notes clients from your desktop


Reducing Notes client administration costs is a key element in a global IT cost reduction strategy, especially for companies with very large IBM Notes environments. With the release of Notes 8.5 came the need to migrate user desktops, which increased administrators need to optimize client management.

Cooperteam Desktop Manager - Managing Notes clients from desktop


Desktop Manager™ significantly reduces your IBM Notes client administration costs, and therefore your IT costs by:

  • Standardizing IBM Notes Client configurations
  • Optimizing administration tasks which represent up to 70% of management costs
  • Minimizing the impact of application changes and upgrades

Desktop Manager™ runs a comprehensive audit of your IBM Notes environment to obtain highly detailed information and calculate the TCO.

Your benefits

For Helpdesk

  • Reduced number of incoming calls
  • Minimized call duration
  • No more travel expenses

For Administrators

  • Desktop standardization
  • Reduction of time dedicated to administration and management of Notes clients (including on mobile devices)
  • User action control at desktop level
  • Reduction of time required for the creation of new accounts
  • Instant retrieval of IBM Notes configurations in case of file loss or corruption

For Users

  • Guarantee of Notes client configuration compliance with company standards
  • Better application availability
  • Transparent interventions
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