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Time-controlled email transmission

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With iQ.Suite Smart it is possible to proactively combat the constant email availability of employees, by withholding emails outside of business hours and scheduling their delivery for the next day before office hours begin.

For this, it should be taken into consideration that particular groups, such as support/hotline, should also be available outside of business hours.

Step by Step
IBM Domino Tips August, 2012

What is needed:
rule that defines office hours:

In Words:

_officeday := @If(@Weekday(@now) = 2 | @Weekday(@now) = 3 | @Weekday(@now) = 4 | @Weekday(@now) = 5 | @Weekday(@now) = 6 ;@true; @false);

_Hour:= @Hour (@Time (@Now));

_officehour := @if (_Hour => 7 & _Hour < 17; @TRUE; @FALSE);

_officeday & _officehour

Office hours are Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., during which emails are to be delivered.

IBM Domino Tips August, 2012

Rule for users that should receive emails 24 x 7

This example includes administrators and members of the hotline group.

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A Smart Mail Job, which filters emails and stores them in the parking database.

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The two rules are to be used as “negated rules“, since emails are NOT filtered during office hours (iQ.Suite – Worktime), but delivered then, while administrators and hotline staff members (Mails24 x 7) are to be reached all day in any case.

Parked emails are set to be sent starting 7 a.m. (Sendtime).

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A Smart Database Job that returns the filtered emails back to the email flow to send them to the recipient.

Note: Please note that the start time is set to be delayed by one hour during summer months

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Here, you can deactivate the database job for weekends. Otherwise, emails would also be delivered on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Sample procedure
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Email sent outside of business hours:

IBM Domino Tips August, 2012

Email stored in the parking database

IBM Domino Tips August, 2012

The email was sent on the next morning, at 7.30 a.m

Note: Please note that the Smart Database Job runs according to the “Time To Send.” Otherwise, emails are sent 24 hours later if the job only runs once per day.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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