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Importing new configuration elements after an iQ.Suite update

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configuration documents

You've got the latest version of iQ.Suite.

Now you want to integrate the latest configuration documents (e.g. new fingerprints) into your existing infrastructure.

The iQ.Suite standard configuration is stored in an XML file from which you can transfer the new elements.

Step by Step
Administration Interface

You are in the Administration Interface in the Global area.
You can use the "Export/Import" button to select the "Import Standard Configuration" function:

Select Next to proceed

A window appears in which you can select all the configuration documents in the current iQ.Suite. Because you only need the new elements, be sure that duplicates (elements that already exist in previous iQ.Suite configurations) aren't imported.
Select Next to proceed:

Select Import

Select Import to start adding the new elements:

Import is complete

As soon as the import is complete, select Close to complete the process.


You have now integrated the new elements (in this case the fingerprints) of the configuration.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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