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iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Server status query

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The current status of IT infrastructure is a powerful performance indicator for IT administrators. However, staying up to date can be challenging, especially when overseeing large IT environments. Most administrators want compact but comprehensive information. How can this be accomplished quickly and easily with the email management solution iQ.Suite?

Using the iQ.Suite Server Report, administrators receive a full report on the status of iQ.Suite, including information pertaining to the relevant iQ.Suite server/servers, the status of anti-virus and anti-spam engine updates, current configuration and license details, delivered automatically at pre-established intervals.

Step by Step
iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP

The iQ.Suite Server Report is only sent to administrators who have been pre-defined in the “Address Settings” tab of the “Properties of iQ.Suite Servers” window.

iQ.Suite > Basic Configuration > iQ.Suite Servers > Properties

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For the iQ.Suite Server Report to be delivered to the selected administrator/administrators automatically, the preferred time of delivery must be entered on each individual server.

iQ.Suite > Basic Configuration > iQ.Suite Servers > <Server name> > Properties

In this example, the server report will be sent weekdays at 8:00 am.

The iQ..Suite Server Report shows the current iQ.Suite Server status.

This information can be viewed on the iQ.Suite Server Monitor as well.

Please note: The iQ.Suite Server Report is available starting with iQ.Suite Version 14.1 for Microsoft Exchange and SMTP.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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