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iQ.Suite Trailer: Transparent email signatures

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Now that emails are regarded as legally binding correspondence, there are numerous legal guidelines to be followed. However, these guidelines are not the only aspect to be considered when creating transparent email signatures; corporate branding and corporate identity must be correctly represented as well. To ensure uniformity, most company email signatures are created centrally. But how to best enable employees to view and review their current individual signatures?

iQ.Suite Trailer, GBS’ solution for a rule-based legal disclaimer, is the answer. Based on a simple scenario, employees can review their email signature as easily as they send an email.

Step by Step

In order for employees in your company to check their email signatures, the iQ.Suite Trailer basic rules must be active within your infrastructure.

iQ.Suite Trailer basic rules

The scenario can be implemented through an additional iQ.Suite Trailer job.

Based on the address rule, all employees whose responsibilities include addressing both internal and external staff will be able to execute this job.

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, September 2015

A pre-defined "Subject" command specifies that not all sent emails execute this job.

The "Subject" command is automatically removed from the subject line after the iQ.Suite job has been executed.

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, September 2015

In an iQ.Suite Trailer job, at least one iQ.Suite Trailer document must be selected.. In order to retain the previously added signature, please create a new, empty iQ.Suite Trailer document as follows:

iQ.Suite > Basic Configuration > Utility Settings > Trailer Settings > Trailer Documents

To avoid delivering the email to the original sender and to ensure that the employee receives the email with the additional signature, please select the following options under “Additional actions“:

Add > Redirect Email

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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