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iQ.Suite Convert: Compressing attachments automatically

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All email users certainly know this problem: Sending emails in a timely, space-saving manner requires the compression of file attachments. This presents a challenge to users! First, the desired files have to be located using Windows Explorer, then the files have to be compressed into ZIP format. Only then, the ZIP-file can be attached to the email. This process takes many steps and a significant amount of time. Security measures, such as password protection, require additional know-how.

iQ.Suite Convert is the solution for the server-based compression of email file attachments.  Thanks to a fully automated process, no user interaction is needed. The flexible, rule-based management makes it possible to determine which attachments should be compressed. Of course, these compressed files can also be password protected. Even better: Thanks to pre-configured rules, the ZIP-files can later be automatically decompressed for end users.

Step by Step
Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, July 2015

In order to compress file attachments with iQ.Suite Convert, select the job type “Convert Compression“. The parameters of the file attachments to be compressed are determined in the “Selection“ tab.

Go to “Options“ to decide whether file attachments should be compressed with password protection, or not.

If file attachments should be password protected, select one of the following three options: a fixed password, a one-time password, or the use of a subject command.

If you wish to compress multiple attachments, a file name can be determined under “advanced“, also using iQ.Suite variables.

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, July 2015

With the job type “Convert Decompression“, you are able to unzip previously compressed file attachments using the iQ.Suite rules. The particular parameters for this job type are also determined under “Selection“.

Important: Use exception for Microsoft Office 2007!

It is important to check whether the archive is password protected or not in the job “Convert Decompress“. This should be configured using the address rule for a certain sender-recipient combination.

Please note that iQ.Suite Convert and email compression of email file attachments does not replace a complete email encryption solution.

Please use iQ.Suite Crypt Pro with PGP keys or S/MIME certificates for this purpose!

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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