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Using Windows Certificate Store in iQ.Suite

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In light of pressing issues such as Prism and others, it is more than advisable to encrypt email communication. An encryption solution of this kind can be implemented in two ways: Using PGP or S/MIME. While PGP uses generated keys, S/MIME employs a certificate. In previous iQ.Suite versions, neither the view, nor the management of the individual S/MIME certificates in the so-called certs.db were sufficient.

In the latest Version 13 of iQ.Suite for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP, a commonly known management area of the Microsoft world for S/MIME certificates is employed: Windows Certificate Store. It is now possible to view certificates via a user interface, and to manage them based on their status (trustworthy/not trustworthy/unknown).

Step by Step
Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, March 2015

In order to use Windows Certificate Store for the management of S/MIME certificates, a user with local administrator rights must added to the Microsoft Active Directory. In addition, this administrator must be granted permission to execute batch jobs, which makes it possible to log on to this account:

Local Policies > User Rights Assignment > Log on as Batch Job

Afterwards, the user is added to the settings for the Windows Certificate Store in the iQ.Suite Management Console.

The “Compatibility“ tab is only relevant in the context of migrating iQ.Suite S/MIME to S/MIME 2 Engine. The “Update“ tab is only necessary in relation to GBS’ iQ.Suite KeyManager.

Tips & Tricks for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP, March 2015

Now create a new S/MIME 2 Engine in the Settings of iQ.Suite Crypt. Select “Use Windows Certificate Store“ and select the previously configured Windows Certificate Store.

Now, configure your respective iQ.Suite Crypt Inbound, Crypt Key Import, and Crypt Outbound jobs and select the newly added S/MIME 2 Engine for the respective tabs.

If you have been using the certificate database certs.db, and you wish to continue using certificates it contains, you may now export them.

In an IT infrastructure with multiple iQ.Suite servers, iQ.Suite KeyManager should be considered for the management of S/MIME cerificates. This is configured as a local cache in combination with Windows Certificate Store.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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