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Converting .PRN files into PDF

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.PRN print files can be created by a variety of applications. iQ.Suite Convert is equipped with the option of automatically converting .PRN files sent in emails into PDF.

Step by Step

iQ.Suite Convert also has the option of integrating command line programs. For example, the program “ghostpcl” can be used by iQ.Suite Convert for the conversion of PRN files into PDF.

Ghostpcl is part of the freeware program “Ghostscript” and is also able to process .PRN files.

Microsoft Exchange / SMTP Tips October, 2012

To convert ghostpcl with iQ.Suite Convert, the command line program “pcl6.exe” must first be copied to the server.

Microsoft Exchange / SMTP Tips October, 2012

Now, the iQ.Suite Convert Command Line Job can be configured.

Microsoft Exchange / SMTP Tips October, 2012

Via the “Selection“ tab, one can now determine which file attachments should be processed. In our example, the fingerprint is selected for “PRN“.

Microsoft Exchange / SMTP Tips October, 2012

Command line information can now be entered via the “Options” tab. Under “File Extension“, the file extension is configured, which will be used for the file attachment after the conversion. In our case, the extension “pdf” is selected.

Now click the “Edit…” button. The path to the program “pcl6.exe” is entered in the “Command line” field. The necessary Ghostpcl options are configured under “parameters”.

The following parameters must be selected:

  • -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -dBATCH -sOutputFile="[Cmd_OutFile]" -dNOPAUSE  "[Cmd_InFile]"

Explanation of parameters

  • -sDEVICE=pdfwrite
    • A conversion into PDF is to be implemented
  • –dBATCH
    • The process should be implemented without user interaction
  • -sOutputFile="[Cmd_OutFile]"
    • The converted file is transferred to iQ.Suite via this parameter
    • Files with multiple pages should be processed without pause
  • "[Cmd_InFile]"
    • The original file, which is transferred to the command line program by iQ.Suite
Microsoft Exchange / SMTP Tips October, 2012

The “Actions” tab can be used to define additional actions to be executed after the successful conversion.

The iQ.Suite Convert job is now completely configured.

Last updated: 11 May 2016

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