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Modifying iQ.Suite audit-log intervals

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The purpose of iQ.Suite Audit-Logs is to show which emails were processed by particular iQ.Suite Jobs. For this, iQ.Suite creates one Audit-Log file each day. In case of high volume email traffic, this file may become quite large. For these cases, the interval may be changed to creating one Audit Log file per hour. This results in the production of small files, which can be opened more easily.

Step by Step
iQ.Suite Audit-Log files

iQ.Suite Audit-Log files are created when the option “Write audit files to log directory“ is activated for an iQ.Suite job.

iQ.Suite log

The corresponding files are created by iQ.Suite in “…iQ.Suite\Log“

Create audit files

In order to configure an hourly interval for the new creation of audit logs, the option “Create audit files” is available under “Basic Configuration -> iQ.Suite Servers“ in the “General“ tab in the corresponding server object.

Hourly rhythmus

Once the option is set to “Hourly“, iQ.Suite starts creating audit log files in hourly intervals.

Last updated: 13 May 2016

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