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Exchange Information Store: Running scheduled virus scans

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In addition to the protection of SMTP-based email traffic, Exchange Information Store can also be scanned using iQ.Suite.

Thus, it is possible to check emails stored on the Exchange Server for viruses.

Step by Step
Policy Configuration

To protect Exchange Information Stores, go to the “Information Store Jobs” field under “Policy Configuration“.

Here, one iQ.Suite Job can be configured for each configured Exchange Server.

Scan Mode Scheduled

To exclusively use scheduled virus scans, please select the scan “Scheduled (with rescan on specified time periods).

Schedule Settings

In Schedule Settings, you can not only determine when the “Scheduled Scan“ should run, but also how long it should be activated.

After saving the iQ.Suite configuration, Exchange Information Store will be completely scanned for viruses at the pre-set times.

Depending on the amount of emails to be scanned, this process can require a long period of time and should only be executed during times when the system load is low.

Last updated: 13 May 2016

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