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Integrating command-line tools into iQ.Suite Convert

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iQ.Suite Convert is a module with multiple functions. Next to attachment compression, the conversion of file attachment into PDF and TNEF to MIME conversion, it also provides the possibility to integrate command-line tools.

Step by Step
comparing zipped MP3 to WAV files

Special attachment conversions can be implemented using the “Convert Command-Line” job. This makes possible, for example, the conversion of WAV files into MP3.

Why should this be done? On the one hand, MP3 files are much smaller than WAV files. This is also demonstrated when comparing zipped MP3 to WAV files.

On the other hand, this can also make sense for the following scenario: A phone system sends answering machine messages as WAV files via email, but not all devices are able to run WAV files.

The conversion from WAV to MP3 requires a corresponding command-line tool. In our example below, we employed the “ffmpeg” program.

ffmpeg files

First, we copied the required ffmpeg files to the corresponding server.

Convert Command Line

Then, we created a new "Convert Command Line" job.

Fingerprint Selection

The "Selection" tab can only be used to define whether the original attachment should be removed or kept in addition to the converted file attachment. We also configured the file type "WAV Sound (*.wav)" in "Fingerprint Selection".

Command-line adjustments

Next, command-line adjustments can be made using the "Options" tab.
In the "File extension" field, it can be determined which file extension should be added to the converted attachment in the email. In our case "MP3". The actually command-line request is made using the "Edit..." button.

In the "Command line" box, the request of the conversion program is entered. In this example, this request is "C:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe".

Then, the entry in the “Parameters” box follows. The value „-i "[Cmd_InFile]" -f mp3 "[Cmd_Outfile]"“ is entered here.

The input file „"[Cmd_InFile]" is transferred via the ffmpeg-Parameter “-i”.
[Cmd_InFile] here represents the iQ.Suite parameter for the transfer of a file attachment to a command-line tool.

The ffmpeg-Parameter „-f mp3“ determines the target format of the conversion. The result of the conversion is transferred back to iQ.Suite via "[Cmd_Outfile]".

Feld Timeout

The processing of "Convert Command Line" job is synchronous, which means that the email is held until the converted attachment is returned. In order to ensure that the processing time does not affect the work on other emails, a sensible value should be entered into the “Timeout” box. In our example, this value was 30 seconds.

Hence, all necessary parameters are configured for successful conversion.

Last updated: 13 May 2016

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