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Attachment compression and password protection

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iQ.Suite 10 for Microsoft Exchange/SMTP provides the new module iQ.Suite Convert. This module also allows the automatic compression and password protection of file attachments.

Step by Step
Convert Compression

The iQ.Suite job “Convert Compression“ is used to compress file attachments.

File attachments

Using the “Selection“ tab, you can determine which file attachments should be processed. For this, options such as “Attachment has to be greater than“ or “…smaller than“ are provided. Furthermore, it is possible to define which file attachment types should be considered. iQ.Suite Fingerprints are ued for this process.

Add a password

In order to add a password, activate the “Protection“ option in the “Options“ tab. For the password, you can choose between “ZIP“ and “AES“.

Last updated: 13 May 2016

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