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Adjusting notification options for restricted emails

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When iQ.Suite recognizes multiple restrictions in one email, it is able to send one notification per restriction, a so-called Collective Notification that contains all notifications for one email. Learn here how this is configured.

Step by Step
iQ.Suite notification

If an email contains multiple restrictions, iQ.Suite creates a standard (Collective Notification), which contains all notifications for a checked email.

iQ.Suite Servers Settings

Users sometimes find it easier or more transparent, if one notification is sent for each restriction.

The desired behavior can be configured via iQ.Suite –> Basic Configuration -> General Settings -> iQ.Suite Servers Settings.

Create collective notifications

“Create collective notifications” can be found on the “General” tab, where the function can be activated/deactivated via checkbox. Once the function is activated, it is possible to select and adjust a corresponding template.

In order to receive individual notifications for multiple restrictions via email, the function must be deactivated here.

Last updated: 13 May 2016

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