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Update for Avira SAVAPI license in iQ.Suite

A valid savapi.key file is needed to deploy the current pattern version of Avira Scan-Engine (integrated in iQ.Suite Watchdog). Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Server status query

The current status of IT infrastructure is a powerful performance indicator for IT administrators. However, staying up to date can be challenging, especially when overseeing large IT environments. Learn more >>

Configuring McAfee Scan Engine in iQ.Suite

We recommend using the default settings to ensure maximum protection with McAfee Scan Engine. Learn more >>

GBS Support Collector: Collecting support data

The email management solution iQ.Suite is ideally suited for simple or highly complex email scenarios and for everything in between. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Trailer: Transparent email signatures

Now that emails are regarded as legally binding correspondence, there are numerous legal guidelines to be followed. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Convert: Compressing attachments automatically

All email users certainly know this problem: Sending emails in a timely, space-saving manner requires the compression of file attachments. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Establishing a healthier work-life balance

Reading emails after work or responding to supervisors while on vacation: Constant availability has become the norm for most employees. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite and Crypt Pro KeyManager: SHA-256 certificates

As of January 2017 support for the SHA-1 hash algorithm will be discontinued and will be regarded as invalid by all browsers and operating systems. Learn more >>

Using Windows Certificate Store in iQ.Suite

In light of pressing issues such as Prism and others, it is more than advisable to encrypt email communication. Learn more >>

iQ.Suite Exchange/SMTP: Setting session timeouts

An iQ.Suite WebClient session is automatically terminated after 10 minutes of inactivity. How can this timeout be changed? Learn more >>

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